450mm 4-Piece Combination Square Set Hardened (7128-450H)




  • Machinist’s Blade
  • Square/Miter Head
  • Protractor Head
  • Center Head


Multi-use measuring tool used in woodworking, engineering, stonemasonry, metalworking, construction and home workshops.  Composed of a Machinist’s Blade and one or more interchangeable moving heads affixed to it (Square, Protractor and Center Heads).  Measures 90º 45º angles; determines flatness; measures center of a circular object; determines depth and simple distance measurements.  Protractor head allows angles to be set and measured between the base and ruler Basic bubble level, for approximating level surfaces and plumb, is incorporated in the protractor and the 45º holder.  Also used for the measurement and layout of miters.

Graduation Style

  • Metric: mm & 0.5mm both sides


  • All Blades Fully Hardened and Tempered
  • Durable, Easy to Read Satin Chrome Finish Blades
  • High Contrast, Micro-Fine Blade Graduations
  • Square/Miter Head Features Level Vial and Hardened Scribe Tool
  • Reversible (Full-Body) Protractor Head
  • Protractor Scale Graduated from 0-180 Degrees in Both Directions
  • Heads Supplied with a Hammertone Powder-Coat Finish